XDrum Singing Bowls

XDrum Singing Bowls

Magical sound for relaxation, meditation and inspiration!
Singing bowls are used everywhere where emotional health has the highest priority. Let the calming effect flow through your private life. After a busy day, promote harmony and balance through the professional use of the bowls. Indulge and be inspired! Don't overlook the beauty of these exceptional and interesting musical instruments. They also make great accent pieces.The unique interplay of the round, harmonious sounds and gentle vibrations of these bowls helps you to let go of your burdens, recenter and relax. Singing bowls can also help with sleep and concentration problems. They also help relieve muscle tension and aid with other ailments.

XDrum Therapeutic Singing Bowls

For the most harmonious sound!

In order to create a soothing sound, the right mallet is important. It must match the character of the bowl and be the right size and material. If your mallet is too large or too soft, you may produce a dull sound.

As a rule of thumb:
Small bowls need a small mallet. Large bowls need a larger and softer mallet. The thin leather-covered XDrum mallet is ideal for striking or rubbing small singing bowls.


The XDrum singing bowls are made from brass alloy through a detailed process in northern India. The brass alloy consists of copper, zinc, iron, nickel, aluminium, silver and gold. The exact composition may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. To attain the final shape and the individual sound, the alloy is hammered over a fire by heating it up to 30 times and cooling it down again.