Classic Cantabile TR-39 Bb-Trumpet

  • Professional Bb Trumpet, Bell: 125mm brass
  • Leadpipe: Gold Brass, Valves: Stainless Steel
  • Nickel silver tuning slide, thumb hook on the 1st valve slide
  • Finger ring on the 3rd valve, one water key
  • Bore: 11.8mm, clear lacquered, including case and mouthpiece
Classic Cantabile

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High-quality trumpet with professional fittings, including mouthpiece and case!

The instruments from Classic Cantabile BRASS-Series have always stood for exceptional sound, quality workmanship and fair prices. Since their introduction these beautiful instruments inspire beginners and professionals as well. The excellent quality is also reflected in lovely details which make these instruments very special. The TR-40 Bb Trumpet is a beautiful, professional instrument for ambitious trumpet players. The smooth running valves and the detailed workmanship guarantee an excellent, warm sound. The mouthpiece is made from gold brass, the slides are made from nickel silver. As accessories, a solid case and a mouthpiece are included.

Proven quality

To ensure a long lasting enjoyment of your instrument, all wind-instruments from Classic Cantabile are quality control tested. This happens in our blowing workshop by skilled instrument makers. We guarantee the perfect condition on a certificate, which is supplied with the instrument.

Sound quality

By using the highest quality materials, Classic Cantabile Brass instruments have a pleasant timbre in all registers. With such features, these instruments are wide at the top quality of their price range.


The Classic Cantabile TR-40L is delivered in a robust case. So your instrument is also well protected during transport.

Suitable accessories (Not included in the delivery.)


  • Product number 00035096
  • Tuning Bb
  • Bell material Brass
  • for children Yes
  • Number of valves 3
  • Colour Brass
  • Finish lacquered
  • Bore L


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Classic cantabile Tyr-39 Bb-Trompete
Review from Kerstin on 08.12.2021
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 verified purchase
Have ordered them for a friend who gave them to your son. He is very happy with it.
A beautiful instrument that looks good, in its case and very well packed.
Review from Alain on 09.12.2019
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 verified purchase
I know nothing about music and this instrument is a gift. I'm sure it will please the recipient. In any case, I'm very happy to offer it.
Serious about the order and delivery protocol.
Good entry level model
Review from Ludwig on 07.02.2019
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 verified purchase
Instrument makes a very good impression despite the price.
The ideal instrument for beginners.
A very beautiful trumpet
Review from Dorothee on 21.12.2018
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 verified purchase
We really like the trumpet, tried it out right away and it plays great.
good price performance ratio, shipping not as indicated
Review from Rainer on 20.12.2018
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 verified purchase
I bought a used cheap trumpet on Ebay about 6 years ago with a CD and instructions from a former club player and learned to play the trumpet. On this used part, which was sold to me as "fully functional" hung from the beginning of the 3rd valve, which also could not be fixed. For the purposes of "getting the sound out" and playing small ditties at the time, it was enough.

Now I decided to start again after 6 years and learn now with teacher. I quickly realized that I can not adequately practice with the valve hanging trumpet meaningful with a teacher, so I found via ebay the music house Kirstein. That's how I got to the website and also to the various products of the house brand Classic Cantabile. Lidl also sells this brand.

Since I am strictly speaking still a beginner, and do not know if I am up to the more difficult things at all, i.e. stay with trumpet playing for a long time, it was clear that a branded product for several hundred euros is out of the question.

Nevertheless, there are also different price segments with the cheap house brand and I was not sure which of the trumpets from 119, - € to 200, - € I should choose.

So I read through various forums and realized that silver slides and a gold brass leadpipe are already high quality and would also be positively noticeable in the sound.

So the choice actually fell in advance not on the cheapest product of Classic Cantabile, but on this trumpet here.

Nevertheless, I was unsure as a layman and read that you can be advised by the house of Kirstein of a Bechbläserspezialisten telefonsch, which I found good and also tried out the day after.

Negatively I found that one hangs eternally in the waiting loop and despite that one dialed the number given on the Website of the "brass department", in the center comes out, where a friendly coworker says that the department is occupied only in the afternoon and gave me the wrong extension, where I did not come out with the music house Kirstein but with a private person *peinlich*.
After struggling on hold again, I finally got out to the appropriate clerk in the afternoon after what felt like an eternity of being busy.

I described my intended use for the trumpet, as described above, and addressed my shortlist of 3 Classic Cantabile trumpets and the question of why Lidl was selling this brand.

I was then told that Classic Cantabile was the house brand of Musikhaus Kirstein and that Lidl was one of their customers who then distributed the instruments.

Then the friendly advisor told me that she couldn't really help me, because she didn't know what I wanted (huh? I described that) and so couldn't make a product recommendation.

A branded product would be better in any case and the money would be well invested. There would be good products for several hundred euros.

Nevertheless, with the Classic Cantabile house brand, one must also be able to "look the customer in the eye", which is why these trumpets "could also be taken", but at the same time advised me against the cheapest product of this brand.

After asking what was better, Monel or stainless steel valves, I was told that it was impossible to say, since "some people swear by one or the other".

So ultimately I was after the call to the house Kirstein not really much smarter, what trumpet technology advantages and disadvantages of the individual products of the brand Classic Cantabile etc. concerns.

Only so much I had taken with me, that a more expensive brand product is qualitatively better (oh really - what knowledge) and also the slight inkling that the employees of the company are either probably not really behind their own brand or but prefer to sell a more expensive brand product (because more margin), despite this is a beginner, who had also explicitly expressed this not top quality at a minimum price, but only a playable, functional, suitable for practice trumpet to have.

On my objection the product is so and so "advertised" came from the employee the biting objection the product is not "advertised" but "described" (aha, o.k.!).

Then on the website with 2% discount for prepayment is advertised. I expressed my interest on a day when Classic Cantabile products were 3% off. I asked if I would get the discount in addition to the 3% if I paid with Paypal (= prepayment, right?). Which is why I was told, slightly reproachfully, that there was no discount for discount promotions and even less for Paypal, because this payment method would cause additional costs for Kirstein.

So I still made my lonely decision to buy the trumpet and take the risk. Geworebn was with 1-2 days delivery time. Wednesday evening ordered - Monday delivered. According to Adam Riese, that's more than 2 days for me, right?

Slightly annoyed, but hopeful, I opened the huge package and was thrilled. A practical gig bag to strap on, the trumpet with white gloves and rags came out. The trumpet can be played well, looks well finished.

Also my teacher says it responds well and would suffice for my needs for now....

I am thrilled with the product - so far. Let's see how it proves itself in the endurance test.

The point deduction gets the house Kirstein for the cumbersome tel. accessibility, the insufficient advice and the slow shipping (rather specify the shipping time longer - than the upcoming Christmas to push forward in case of delay, although Christmas at delivery was only in 2 weeks).

I have the feeling that with the existing staff, the walk-in customers as well as the online customers should be cared for, which is probably at the expense of the employees and ultimately customers. In addition, the employees explicitly give the caller to buy on the website, instead of on Ebay at the house Kirstein, so as not to endanger the jobs.

All in all, I as a customer have the feeling that here in the house Kirstein is counted with every cent...
Comment of Musikhaus Kirstein:

Vielen Dank für Ihre ausführliche Bewertung. Es freut uns, dass Sie von dem Instrument begeistert sind.

Zu Ihren Vorwürfen bezüglich der telefonischen Beratung habe ich mit bei der Kollegin aus der Fachabteilung über das Beratungsgespräch informiert. Die telefonische Beratung dauerte fast eine Stunde und gestaltete sich nicht sehr einfach, da Sie als Kunde nicht wirklich Ihre konkreten Vorstellungen und Wünsche geäußert haben.

Das Sie in der Vorweihnachtszeit bei hohem Telefonaufkommen etwas länger in der Warteschleife verharren mussten tut uns leid.

Wir geben unser guten Preise direkt an die Kunden weiter und schließen daher eine Kombination von verschiedenen Rabatten und Gutscheinaktionen aus. Sie können sich aber sicher sein, dass Sie bei uns immer zum besten Preis einkaufen. Dafür rechnen wir auch mit jedem Cent (was Sie scheinbar ebenfalls stört), um für unsere Kunden immer ein attraktives Angebot machen zu können.

Dass gerade in der Vorweihnachtszeit ein Paket auch mal etwas länger unterwegs ist, tut uns ebenfalls leid und sollte nicht passieren. Wenn Sie Mittwoch abends bestellen, sollte die Ware normalerweise am Donnerstag rausgehen und in der Regel am darauf folgenden Werktag (Freitag) zugestellt werden. Wenn die Ware dann statt Freitag erst am Montag bei ihnen eintrifft, vergehen durch das dazwischenliegende Wochenende nochmals ein paar Tage. Das ist natürlich nicht die Regel und die allermeisten unserer Lieferungen treffen auch im angegebenen Zeitraum ein.

Ich hoffe, dass die Begeisterung für die Trompete Ihren Ärger wieder ausgleicht und wünsche Ihnen, dass Sie zukünftig bei Bestellungen in unserem oder anderen Onlineshops bessere Erfahrungen machen werden.

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1 x Kirstein heavy duty sheet music stand 18,90 €
1 x Rocktile MT-60 Metro-Tuner 18,90 €
1 x Trumpet Basics + CD 12,90 €
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