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Gibson SG Faded T 2017 WC Lefthand

  • Gibson 2017 USA Model - Traditional Series
  • Korpus: C Grade Mahagoni
  • Hals: 1-tlg. Ahorn, Slim Taper Profil
  • Griffbrett: 1-tlg. Palisander, 12" Radius
  • Pickups: 490R/490T (Alnico II)
  • Bridge: Aluminium Tune-o-matic w/ Stopbar
  • Farbe: Worn Cherry Satin
  • Abbildungen zeigen Rechtshänder-Modell!

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Korting voor vooruitbetaling: 18,98 € opslaan
Artikelnummer: 00048972

Gibson SG Faded T 2017 - Worn Cherry - Lefthand Electric Guitar

"Played-in looks, modern performance. The SG Faded 2017 T has been carefully crafted by Gibson USA to look and feel like an old friend the first time you pick it up. With its more authentic new Faded Gloss finish and nickel-plated hardware, the SG Faded looks weathered by a few decades of playing, while the guitar itself feels as if it has been shaped directly by the player's own hands, for an absolutely perfect fit. The SG Faded is an artful blend of history and modernity, where SG traditions began more than five decades ago meet with 21st century innovations for sonic versatility and playability. A set of 490R and 490T humbuckers with Alnico magnets delivers historic SG tones, while a slim-taper neck with a thicker rosewood fingerboard and 22 polished frets combine for an amazing feel in the hand, yielding easy bends and lightning-fast soloing, an impressive value for a high quality made-in-USA Gibson guitar. Delivered in a padded gigbag, accompanied by a strap and a polishing cloth."


Finish Nitrocellulose
Decke Keine
Tremolo Nein
Farbe Cherry
Korpus Mahagoni
Griffbrett Palisander
Tonabnehmer-Bestückung HH
Shortscale Nein
inkl. Gigbag / Koffer Koffer
Hals Ahorn
Linkshänder-Modell Ja

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