Five-Year Piano Guarantee

For all designated pianos and acoustic pianos from our collection, we offer our five-year piano guarantee.

Warranty Service

The warranty applies to damage to the soundboard, cast iron plate and on defects in gluing or felt that impair the functionality of the instrument or make it inoperable. The warranty covers the free repair of all damages and defects of the instrument covered by the warranty during the warranty period. Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH will determine whether the damage or defect can be repaired or whether the instrument will be replaced with an equivalent instrument. The replaced defective instrument or replaced parts will become the property of Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH. Time and material costs are paid by the Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH only if covered under warranty. When the instrument(s) are not located on site, the transport costs are paid by the customer.

Warranty Claims

To make a warranty claim, the original invoice must be presented. The replacement or exchange of the instrument must be carried out by us. Warranty service is only provided to § 13 BGB customers.

Guarantee Period

The guarantee begins with the purchase of the product as determined by the invoice date. The guarantee ends after an uninterrupted period of five years or when a partial or full refund of the purchase price is given. Warranty services do not extend the warranty period. The warranty is non-transferable and expires upon the resale of the instrument. 

Warranty Disclaimer

Excluded from this warranty are damages that are caused due to improper use, external conditions or through repairs or modifications that have not been made by Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH or an authorized third party (except for tuning and maintenance by certified piano maker). A condition of the guarantee is a first tuning no later than four months after the delivery date and a yearly tuning by a certified piano maker (proof required, no tuning included in the purchase price). In unsuitable locations, such as on top of underfloor heating or near heating or cooling units, as well as locations where stable humidity from 40 to 70 percent and stable temperature from 18 to 24 degrees cannot be guaranteed, no warranty services can be granted.

Also excluded from the warranty is wear on parts such as strings and any damage that might be caused by external factors and climatic influences, such as soundboard damage or noise by vibrating enclosed parts/fittings. Defects on the instrument caused by using accessories, components or spare parts that are not original parts are also excluded from this warranty.

General Provisions

This guarantee contract governs the legal relationship between the purchaser and the Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH. Further claims for damages are excluded unless liability is prescribed by law. This warranty is in addition to related warranty rights from Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH and/or related manufacturer's warranty. The warranty applies to all purchases on or after April 1, 2015.