XDrum DD-520 PLUS Electronic Drum Kit

  • Electronic drum set with drum rack, 5x 8" stereo drum pads, 3x 12" stereo cymbal pads, 1x 10" hi-hat pad, 1x 8" kick pad, 1x pedal, 1x hi-hat controller
  • Drum module with blue backlighting, max. polyphony: 64, 41 drum kits (26 preset, 15 user kits), 458 drum sounds (drums, percussion, SFX), effects: ambience, 3-band EQ
  • 20 user songs, metronome (30-300 bpm), recording method: real time
  • 1x multi-pin input, 1x 3.5 mm jack headphone output, 1x 6.3 mm jack stereo main output, MIDI in/out, USB connection
  • 3.5 mm jack AUX IN input, power supply: 9V power supply incl. instructions, instructions and one pair of sticks, color: black, base area: approx. 120 x 75 cm, weight: approx. 24 kg
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Electronic drum kit with many possibilities!

Whether you want to practice at home with headphones, the electronic drum set connects directly to the monitor in the rehearsal room or the mixing console at a live gig - the possibilities are endless!

The big version
The XDrum DD-520 PLUS consists of the DD-520 E-Drum Kit (Article No. 00045671) AND the matching Add-On Set (Article No. 00045672). In this savings set - you can get a big sound for a small price!

Dynamic-sensitive pads
Just like traditional drums, the volume increases with harder playing. All of the two-zone pads on the DD-520 PLUS are touch-sensitive and can be adjusted to five different levels. For effective breaks, all cymbal pads have a choke function: they can be stopped by hand like a real cymbal!

Authentic playing feel
The rubber surface of the pads offers an incredibly realistic feel with excellent rebound behavior. Even the swinging of the cymbal pads come close to the behavior of real cymbals. A smooth hi-hat controller and a foot pedal with many adjustment possibilities make this the complete package.

Create your own drum set
A total of 458 high-quality drum, percussion and effect sounds are available for you to create your own unique drum kit. If necessary, each song can have its own kit. Since all of the DD-520 PLUS pads (except the kick pad, of course) have two zones, 19 different sounds are available at the same time!

Exercise aids
To keep practice interesting, the XDrum offers 20 songs in different styles. The tempo of the songs can be adjusted to suit your needs, and the drum track of the songs can also be muted. Alternatively, you can also play your favorite songs via the AUX-IN input of an MP3 player or smartphone.

DD-520: Your sound, your groove, your set!


HiHat Controller L- Control
Mesh Head Pads No
Suited for Double Bass yes
Outputs 6.3 mm jack
upgradable through optional pads No
Tom pads size 8 Zoll
sampling function No
Crash cymbal pad Dual Zone
Crash cymbal with stop function Yes
Tom pads Dual Zone
LCD Display Yes
MP3 Input Yes
Accessories included Yes
Snare pad size 8 Zoll
Direct Outputs No
USB to Host Yes
Crash cymbal pad size 12 Zoll
Snare pad Dual Zone
Kick/Bass Drum Pad Pad 8 Zoll
Midi in/out Yes
Little floor space required no
Ride cymbal pad size 12 Zoll
Social media support No
USB in No
Colour Black
Ride cymbal pad Dual Zone


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A fantastic drumkit for learining and performance
Review from Anonymus on 12.08.2020
 verified purchase
I bought my kit through Ebay from this seller. One of the hinges was slightly faulty but they replaced the hinge right away. Their customer service is excellent and friendly and very helpful.
Anyway, back to the kit. It registers as a Carlsboro drumkit in windows. It has some fantastic drum sounds and you can do rimshots and everything.
The feel and playability of the kit feels like an accoustic set and is very comfortable and enjoyable to play.
For practice, I have a bluetooth adaptor connected to the input of on the control module. I have an ipad connected to it. It makes for some interesting and endless practice.
The kit is so good that you could easily use it in a gig. It folds nicely and will fit easily into a van or trailer. Be warned though it is close to 30KGs. The feel of it is solid and it is a truly lovely item.

Thank you so much Kirstein!!
Top top top
Review from Tanja on 27.10.2020
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 verified purchase
The assembly is very simple, because the base frame is supplied ready.
The sounds are really good.
At the top
Review from Stéphane on 05.09.2020
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 verified purchase
A really great battery, very sturdy construction, everything is provided for the passage of cables, many options for modification, connection. The kit comes complete, the explanations are clear, the price is very competitive, the delivery is very fast, the customer service is first class. The only downer is the instruction manual, which is in German / English, so you have to revise the lessons.
Very satisfied
Review from Anonymus on 16.05.2020
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 verified purchase
Very happy with the product, excellent value for money and on time delivery.

I have not yet explored all its possibilities but it has more than met all expectations.

Best regards
Starter Set
Review from Tom on 13.03.2020
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 verified purchase
I am very satisfied it is excellent as a starter set. I am only with the bass not quite satisfied but for the price legitimate.

Questions about product

Hola .compre este modelo hace un par de años y super satisfecho. Mi pregunta es .
Se puede poner un adaptador Bluetooth en el modulo, para mis auriculares? Si es así tendrá mucha latencia? Gracias
Question by javier antonio garvi megia on 03.03.2021
Answer by Stephan Echtlers - Musikhaus Kirstein
Sí lamentablemente el bluetooth no funcionará bien. El problema es la latencia y también la calidad del sonido.
Buonasera, vorrei sapere se il charleston della dd520 e della dd530 hanno 3 livelli di funzionamento (aperto, semiaperto,chiuso) o solo 2(aperto,chiuso). Grazie.
Question by Gianvito Tortorelli on 14.12.2020
Answer by Stephan Echtler - Musikhaus Kirstein
Il Charleston ha solo due zone: aperto e chiuso.
Welche Ausmaße hat das aufgebaute Kit in etwa? Reichen dafür ca. 1,5-2m x 1,5m?
Question by Dominik on 09.02.2021
Answer by Stephan Echtlers - Musikhaus Kirstein
Das DD-520 nimmt in etwa folgenden Platz ein: Breite ca. 160 cm, Tiefe ca. 120 cm (mit Hocker).
Si può montare da mancino ?
Question by Diego notarfrancesco on 28.04.2021
Answer by stephan echtler - Musikhaus Kirstein
Sì, è possibile
Il kit prevede anche lo sgabello o è da prendere a parte? La grancassa ha solo la modalità singola o è possibile effettuare rif di doppio pedale?!
Question by Fausto Filippi on 21.01.2021
Answer by Stephan Echtler - Musikhaus Kirstein
Buon pomeriggio, L'offerta non comprende uno sgabello. E' possibile il doppio pedale. Ma può darsi che i colpi non siano tutti correttamente rilevati. Il grilletto nella grancassa è esattamente al centro.
Quelle type d enceinte amplifier utilisé pour sortir un bon son de la batterie et sur quel connecteur. Merci
Question by Guillaume Lemonnier on 19.01.2021
Answer by Stephan Echtler - Musikhaus Kirstein
Bon après-midi, C'est le meilleur rapport qualité-prix, https://www.kirstein.de/Aktivboxen/Pronomic-C-212-MA-12-Aktivbox-1000-Watt.html 00063465 Haut-parleur actif Pronomic C-212 MA 12" 1000 Watt
Cuanto me costaría este articuloXDrum DD-520 PLUS E-Drum con doble pedal bombo?.
Me refiero a comprarlo no con pedal simple sino con pedal doble
Question by Jimenez Del castillo on 08.05.2020
Answer by Michael - Musikhaus Kirstein
En el siguiente enlace encontrará una máquina de pie compatible con el XDrum DD-520: https://www.kirstein.de/es/Tambores-y-Percusion/Hardware/Pedal/Pedal-doble/XDrum-Pedal-de-bombo-doble-Pro.html
Was für Songs sind auf dem Modul gespeichert? Und kann ich das E.Drum Set auch an meine Anlage anschließen? Sind bestimmte Sticks notwendig, oder kann ich mit normalen Drumsticks spielen? Lg
Question by Andreas Mettig on 07.11.2017
Answer by Fabian - Musikhaus Kirstein
Auf dem Modul sind insgesamt 20 Play-Along-Songs (Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock, usw.) integriert, bei denen sich die Schlagzeugspur auch stummschalten lässt. Zudem besteht die Möglichkeit, eine externe Soundquelle wie einen Laptop, Handy o. Ä. über den Aux-In-Anschluss mit dem DD-520 zu verbinden, wodurch es möglich ist, zu eigenen Songs zu spielen. Für den Betrieb mit einen Anlage kann das E-Drum ganz einfach über die am Modul integrierten Ausgänge (Output L/mono & R) verbunden werden. Spezielle Sticks sind nicht notwendig. Hier können die normalen Drumsticks verwendet werden.
Hallo ich wollte mal fragen wie es aussieht ob man auch andere Songs auf also andere Soundmodule auf das Schlagzeug übertragen kann das sozusagen der Klang anders ist der Snare z.b. oder der Becken und ob es eine Möglichkeit gibt andere Becken bzw in dem Fall wäre es die Bass Drum andere Modelle dort anzusetzen.
Question by Tom on 11.04.2020
Answer by Michael - Musikhaus Kirstein
Über den "AUX IN"-Eingang kannst Du eine andere Audioquelle - wie beispielsweise ein Handy, Laptop, etc. - anschließen, um zu eigener Musik zu spielen. Um den Sound extern zu erweitern, kann das Schlagzeug über ein USB-Kabel (per MIDI-Verbindung) an einen Computer angeschlossen und belegt werden, um somit die Sounds des PC anzusteuern. Es ist auch möglich, andere Bassdrum-Pads zu verwenden, wie beispielsweise die Roland KD-10.
Kann man dieses Schlagzeug auch mit Mesh Fellen benutzen?
Question by Frank on 26.08.2020
Answer by Michael - Musikhaus Kirstein
Dieses Schlagzeug kann leider nicht mit Mesh Head Pads verwendet werden, da das Modul das Signal eines Mesh Head Pads nicht verarbeiten kann.
La dinamica oltre sui pad si sente anche sul charleston e sui piatti?
C'è la funzione metronomo, è possibile registrare?
Question by Gianluca Chiacchia on 07.01.2021
Answer by Michael Karle - Musikhaus Kirstein
Tutti i tamponi della batteria sono sensibili alla velocità. Nel modulo è integrato un metronomo ed è possibile anche la registrazione.
what is the weight, height, width and length of the package that is shipped
Question by Riley on 02.06.2020
Answer by Echtler Stephan - Musikhaus Kirstein
Length: 104 cm, width: 71 cm, height: 31 cm, weight: 30 kg.
Is the hihat-contoler already connected to the hihat itself?
Question by Laura on 28.04.2020
Answer by Maximilian Bauer - Musikhaus Kirstein
The hihat itself and the controler have to be connectet separately with the drum computer. The cables for connections are included.
Hi, would also like to know if this kits hi Gary has half open and or heel splash feature?
Question by Mann on 26.05.2020
Answer by Michael - Musikhaus Kirstein
the hihat can be played half open, but the drums can' t produce a splash sound.
Hallo, gibt es für den Aufbau eine Aufbauanleitung? Falls ja, wo kann ich diese denn finden?

Danke und viele Grüsse, Bea
Question by Beatrix Höpfel on 20.07.2020
Answer by Michael Karle - Musikhaus Kirstein
Hinweise zur Montage sind in der Bedienungsanleitung ab Seite 5 zu finden: https://www.kirstein.de/docs/manuals/xd-dd520-dt-0816.pdf - Zusätzlich geben auch die Artikelbilder im Onlineshop ganz gute Hilfestellungen.
Hallo, ist das auch etwas für Kinder geeignet... (8-10 Jahre). Oder ab welche Körpergröße ungefähr gut?
Vielen Dank für Antwort
Question by Obenim on 14.06.2020
Answer by stephan.echtler - Musikhaus Kirstein
Ja, das E-Drum ist auch super für Kinder! Es lässt sich ganz einfach in der Höhe verstellen und damit gut an die Körpergröße anpassen.
Hey ich wollte mich mal erkundigen ob man einen doppelten Bass kaufen und darzustellen kann?
Question by Tom on 05.03.2020
Answer by Michael - Musikhaus Kirstein
Es ist möglich, eine Doppelfußmaschine am XDrum DD-520 zu verwenden. Ein weiteres Bassdrum-Pad anzuschließen, ist leider nicht möglich.

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