Heimat 4/III Harmonica Bb-Es-As-Des Alder

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Heimat 4/III Harmonica B-Es-As-Des Alder
  • 4 rows, 3 chords, made of alder wood with wooden top, ideal tuning for interplay with string instruments
  • 46 knobs on the treble side (2 half tones in series like Michlbauer), 16 knobs on the bass side
  • 18 Helicon basses, minor basses (like Michlbauer), X-bass and B-bass decoupled, low air consumption
  • Red bellows, Antonelli super dural reeds, dimensions (H x W x D): 38 x 44 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 7.0 kg, incl. carrying strap, bellows protector and case
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